Individual One, Trump; Racist, Conman, Cheat

President Trump’s Russia Lies

Trump knew of and lied about the Moscow real estate project states Micheal Dean Cohen, former lawyer for President Donald J. Trump.

“He’s become the worst version of himself”, said Cohen. “This campaign is going to be the best infomercial...”

Michael Cohen describes President Trump as a "racist, conman and cheat." Cohen further iterates Trump told him “Black people could never vote for me because they’re too stupid.” Cohen continued to mention the many racist comments Trump made.

President Trump had Cohen pay hush money through Cohen's own finances. Cohen admitted taking a lean off his mortgage to pay the stripper. Thereafter, Trump paid Cohen back through installments.

Trump ordered Cohen to call small businesses Trump owed money to and told the small business owners there would be no payments nor reduced payments; Trump would not pay back his debts.

Michael Cohen, a man completely vulnerable who lost his law license began addressing Congress by first asking for protections for his family, and later asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to protect this institution. Cohen also stated he would not accept a pardon from President Trump.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez later came prepared to question Michael Cohen at the hearing.  Ocasio-Cortez did not waste time nor mince words when questioning Cohen and several items including the NYC taxpayer funded Trump golf course.